Our Services

Making your healthcare the most convenient with the highest quality.

Senior Living Design Consultation

  •  Nurses station and clinical workflow consultation.
  • Improved Clinical work flow creating efficiencies and reducing staffing needs.
  • Rooms and Beds,  IL vs AL licensure and designation as census grows.
  • Optimization of technology, energy, and healthcare delivery in Senior Living.
  • Retention of Clinical Team Talent based on design Impact.
  • Color and décor management to improve Dementia Unit experience.
  • Ambulance entry point design and management of outdoor façade.
  • Staff wellness and satisfaction with Relief spaces and break room/areas.


Chronic Care Management(CCM)

 Hansa Medical Groupe provides our in house staff that performs the needed tasks encompassing CCM.  Our patients and family members appreciate the benefit of coordination of care and great communication about select chronic conditions


Annual Wellness Visit(AWV)

 Hansa Medical Groupe performs yearly AWV for our patients, obtaining great information on their preventive care, updating patients on chronic management issues,


Remote Patient Monitoring

Hansa Medical Groupe collects vital information and physiologic data on qualified patients to help develop and manage a treatment plan related to a chronic and/or acute health condition.