Concierge Medical Practice

Concierge medical care without membership fees.

Hansa Medical Groupe is considered a concierge style medical practice, with one major difference or advantage.  We do not charge a fee to be a part of the practice.  Although we have managed to provide services and medical care with the same attention to detail as other concierge practices, we have grown our reputation without a retainer.   We strive to work closely with senior community staff on site, to really focus on preventive health care measures. This has reduced hospitalizations, medical complications, and improved our patient outcomes.

Primary Care

Comprehensive on-site care including nursing, care, annual wellness and care managment.


HMG provides on-site cardiology referrals through our exclusive affiliated provider network.


Neurology services are provided by HMG affiliated providers through our network.s.

Specialty Care

Pulmonology, Urology and Nephrology specialist referrals coming soon.