Experience the difference as an HMG Patient

Our healthcare model at Hansa Medical Groupe is designed to provide each patient with increased confidence in their medical care, a solid patient/physician relationship, and “the gold standard” for patient convenience with weekly provider presence at all senior communities.

1. Patient confidence
Patients’ medical problems are increasingly more complex. Disease symptoms & side effects of treatments are often a daily stress
for patients. In our practice, patients, facility staff, and providers are a TEAM in each patient’s medical care. Patients must feel confident that their concerns will
be addressed as they occur. Whenever necessary, our patients are able to communicate directly with their doctor, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant
by having their cellphone, email or text messaging and have their concerns addressed in a timely fashion.

2. The patient/physician relationship
At Hansa Medical Groupe, we believe a physicians’ in-depth knowledge of a patient, working closely with on-site staff,
enhances the quality of medical care we can provide. Home and facility visits allow for the time and provide the environment for this type of relationship to

3. A new standard of convenience
Obtaining medical care from a typical medical practice, is often a hassle. First, physician availability is often limited. In addition,
your own schedule may conflict with this limited availability. Second, the medical condition of many patients may complicate their ability to get to the doctor and/or
keep their physician appointments. Finally, local weather, lack of transportation, and other factors often results in many missed appointments. Hansa Medical
Groupe has eliminated all these inconveniences. Our providers come to the facility typically on a weekly basis.

Primary Care

Comprehensive on-site care including nursing care, annual wellness and care management


HMG provides on-site cardiology referrals through our exclusive affiliated provider network.


Neurology services are provided by HMG affiliated providers through our network.

Specialty Care

Pulmonology, Urology and Nephrology specialist referrals coming soon.

Our level of care & attention to detail are proven to:

Prevent Emergency Room visits

Decrease hospitalizations & improve outcomes

Delay the need for skilled care

Decrease life insurance premiums

Keep patients & families healthier, happier and satisifed.

HMG Locations