Compare Medical Services

Hansa Medical Group offers unparalleled access to care.

There are many practices that claim to be boutique or concierge-like, but fail to provide services such as those provided by Hansa Medical Groupe. Please see our comparison & chart below.

Yearly Retainer Practice(YRP) – the physician charges a fee, typically, $1500-$3000 annually just to be in the practice. The patient/ doctor ratio is usually 600/1 or higher. Appointments are only available during set office hours, typically monday-friday, 9 to 5 pm.  You still deal with office staff personnel, transportation issues, and no appointments being available after the office is closed.  MD-VIP and other companies have this type of business model.

VIP Medical Practices(VIP) – the physician is hired by a few clients at a very high premium, usually around $100,000 annually but has only 10 to 15 patients. This practice style has been popular in households with very high annual incomes, international families that have their physician travel with them, or celebrities with extra discerning needs.

Home visit Nursing services(VNS) – typically these practices utilize nurses like RN or LPNs  that come out to patients for medical care ordered by our providers. The nurses are involved in the visit, and help with wounds, ADLs, and other medical care. This type of service is typically billed to Insurance carriers or could be private pay, however must be ordered by a physician.  We work closely with various reputable home health care agencies.

Hansa Medical Groupe(HANSA)- Our providers are on-site at senior communities one day a week, if not more, depending on medical need and census of patients cared for.  Without charging any out of pocket retainer type fee, we manage and care for our patients and communicate with family/POA, even providing our mobile numbers.







Home Services No No Yes Yes
Bill Insurances Yes No Yes Yes
24/7 Phone Support No Yes No Yes
Providers’ cell Phone Access Sometimes Yes No Yes
Emergency Home Visits No No No Yes
Holiday Appointments No No No Yes
Weekend Appointments No No No Yes
Evening Appointments No No No Yes
low Patient/Physician Ratio Yes Yes No Yes
Check on My Family Service No No No Yes
Annual Cost $1500-3000+ $100,000+ Insurance/Private Pay Insurance/Private Pay