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Journey of Care

HMG is committed to a high-touch level of compassionate, patient-centered care in its treatment of senior patients.


Antibiotics & Resistant Infections

Antibiotic over-utilization has created resistant organisms.  HMG offers tailored treatment to best treat our patients concerned about resistance.

Caring for Parents and Family

Working together as a team and having great communication with families is the HMG difference.

Seniors and Polypharmacy

Hypertension, Depression and Anxiety are the most commonly treated conditions, putting seniors at higher risk for polypharmacy complications.


Medical Specialists and Health Care

HMG brings cardiology, pulmonary, nephrology, neurology and urology into senior communties.

Health Care and Prevention

Preventing a health-related problem often has a better outcome than treating adverse conditions.

The CBD Factor

Dr. Patel and Jim McMahon discuss how CBD helps patients with chronic pain, anxiety and memory issues.