Corporate Services

Companies, groups organizations & professional atheletes can access HMG services.

Corporate Services

For companies, groups, organizations, and small businesses, a valuable on-site membership service is available that, provides such entities with first class medical service for their employees. Participants will find their members or employees feel healthier; and their health & life insurance premiums often go down thereby reducing healthcare costs over time. Please call to inquire about your specific needs and how Hansa can improve your productivity.

1. Average 1 day cost to the employer for a sick day is around $2400.

2. Employers who validate employee illnesses have higher productivity & decrease policy abuse.

3. Under typical corporate health plans, many employees use their sick days whether ill or not

4. Daily, 45 million use a sick day, during a year, without providing adequate proof of illness.

5. On-site physician services decreases business liability & lowers insurance premiums.

6. We provide same day on-site evaluation & treatment, to keep business going.

7. We have subsidized rates for your uninsured employees.

8. Weekend, evenings, even holiday physician availability.

9. We work with all insurance plans.

Please call for a no-obligation consultation to see how we can help your employees stay healthier and on the job, thereby decreasing sick days, and increasing your company’s productivity.

Professional Athletes

Our profession athlete clients require a unique blend of medical care and health management either for themselves and/or their friends and families. For this reason, we structure our services to their exact needs. Anyone designated by our athlete client is taken care of, no matter where they live or what they medically need. We work with all professional teams, player associations, and other sports agencies. If you are a professional athlete or their agent, please contact us with any inquiries on how HMG can help.