Our Mission

Providing the highest level of professional medical care.

In the Indian dialect Gujrati, ‘Hansa’s translation is ‘swan’. This signifies the way we practice medicine, with grace, elegance, and compassion.

The mission of Hansa Medical Groupe is to provide the highest level, professional medical care and service to the members of the practice. We strive to provide this care with complete grace and compassion, that each person deserves. As the practice grows, we maintain a consistent effort with worthy philanthropic endeavors, teaching new generations of physicians, and educating the general public. We promote healthy living, preventive medicine, and overall positivity to our community.


Hansa Medical Groupe’s goal is to care for its member/patients with the ultimate grace and compassion, delivering uncompromised medical care.


Core Values


We treat every patient as our own loved one. No matter what the situation, we will always deliver our medical care with grace and compassion.


Our staff never compromises the quality of medical care provided to our patients. Our providers are well trained and practice medicine with the highest level of skill and education.


The practice conducts itself to garner respect and provide a great role model for our youth, medical students, and young providers in training

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

 HMG believes in differences that include race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity, nationality, socioeconomic status, language, disability, age, religion, or one’s politics

HMG provides work and support to contractors with impartiality and fairness understanding the etiology of disparities in society.

HMG is inclusive and inviting to all, allowing all diverse individuals the ability to participate fully in process and opportunities.