HMG is committed to best practices surrounding patient safety and well-being during the COVID-19 health crisis. Our response includes implementing CDC guidelines surrounding patient care, PPE and infection control. We are committed to providing care, testing and prevention in order to keep residents and staff happier, healthier and safe.

On-site Medical Care Throughout Chicagoland

Hansa Medical Groupe provides concierge medical care for patients in supportive living, assisted living and senior living communities throughout the greater Chicago area and Northwest Indiana.

Concierge Care in Assisted Living and Senior Living Communities

HMG works in Assisted Living and Senior Living Communities to provide concierge primary and specialty medical care at no out of pocket cost for patients.

Primary & Specialty Care

HMG provides a high level of primary care medicine designed for the senior adult and geriatric population. We also offer on-site Cardiology, Neurology, Pulmonology and Urology services.

Hansa Medical Groupe is a concierge style medical practice providing on site medical care to our patients that reside in supportive living, assisted living, nursing homes, and senior living communities. Service and care is provided with a “team” approach with facility nursing staff.  Working closely with facility staff, we keep patients healthier and happier while residing in their communities.  The practice provides concierge medical care without any added out of pocket cost, allowing for better medical care, better outcomes, and happier patients and families.  Please browse our website for more information on why we believe our practice provides the premier medical service in the greater Chicago area, NW Indiana region, Ohio and Wisconsin. See one of our physicians or providers today!

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Give us the opportunity to prove that our medical care is unparalleled. We  provide on-site comprehensive medical care at many senior communities around Chicago Land and Northwest Indiana. We accept most all health insurance plans including medicare advantage plans. Whether its you or your loved ones, our practice will  keep you healthy and happy, with complete convenience.


Dealing with hospitals, physicians’ offices, medical bills, and of course health insurance companies, has become a major frustration for tens of millions of Americans. At Hansa Medical Groupe, we eliminate all the inconveniences and stresses in obtaining your medical care.  Families caring for their loved ones, now can avoid taking days off work, and can rely on Hansa Medical Groupe providers to keep them healthy and happy.


We service various senior communities in all townships in the Greater Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana regions.  Our administrative offices are located in Skokie, downtown Chicago, and Merrillville, Indiana.

Primary Care

Comprehensive on-site care including nursing, care, annual wellness and care managment.


HMG provides on-site cardiology referrals through our exclusive affiliated provider network.


Neurology services are provided by HMG affiliated providers through our network.


Pulmonology care is provided on-site with HMG providers.


HMG provides urology care on-site in senior living communities.


Nephrology (kidney)  care is provided on-site in communities served by HMG.

Pain Management

HMG Pain Management specialists can help you manage and mitigate chronic pain.

Infectious Disease

Infectious Disease specialists are critical  providers during the pandemic.

Meet our Team

HMG only works with the best providers.


Chirag Patel, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Mike Shulman, FNP-C

Clinical Vice President


James Kowalski, FNP-C

Regional Vice President



Robert J. Wolf, MD

Internal Medicine

Teofilo Vinluan, MD

Internal Medicine

Neenoo Khosla, MD

Chief Compliance & Safety Officer


Kristen Finke

Nurse Practitioner

Darrell Arevalo

Nurse Practitioner

Tifany Jamison

Nurse Practitioner

Zach Jesko

Nurse Practitioner

Detonya Armstrong

Nurse Practitioner

Carissa Razalan

Nurse Practitioner

Jeff Korn

Nurse Practitioner

Mark Galera

Nurse Practitioner

Mary Hoffman

Nurse Practitioner

Christine Rohl

Nurse Practitioner

Kimberly Carr

Nurse Practitioner

Joshua Wood

Nurse Practitioner

Kris Rhodes

Nurse Practitioner

Andrea Arias

Nurse Practitioner

Heather Hartman

Nurse Practitioner

Kevin Chen

Nurse Practitioner

Gerald Gilliland

Nurse Practitioner

Thelma Holt-Nicholson

Nurse Practitioner

Miciah Patton

Nurse Practitioner

Adam Escobedo

Nurse Practitioner


Meghan Riley

Clinical Office Manager

Brittnay Fretueg

Certified Medical Assistant

Our level of care & attention to detail are proven to:

Prevent Emergency Room visits

Decrease hospitalizations & improve outcomes

Delay the need for skilled care

Decrease life insurance premiums

Keep patients & families healthier, happier and satisifed.

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